Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blackboard CE8 SP2 Upgrade and Scholar Powerlink

We upgraded our Blackboard Learning System CE8 to Service Pack 2 level on production yesterday afternoon. After the upgrade, the Scholar powerlink was no longer working.

The error message was:

An error occured in the communication between your Blackboard system and Scholar.
The Blackboard system clock may be incorrect.
If you continue to see this error, contact your Blackboard system administrator.

Multiple of us tested it, and we consistently received the above error.

This was really upsetting because this was one piece of the upgrade we could not test on our development cluster. We had a lot of troubles when we initially registered our development cluster onto the Blackboard's Scholar system for configuration testing, which then took away the ability of our production system to be registered. It took Blackboard technical support and their Beyond team over three months to resolve this (basically deleted the registration record of our development cluster in their database). As it turns out, Blackboard does not support both development and production clusters to be registered onto their Scholar system. Therefore we cannot test Scholar powerlink when we tested SP2 upgrade on development.

To my surprise, when I logged on our Blackboard CE8 SP2 and clicked on the Scholar link today, it worked. I immediately checked with my colleagues who helped in testing yesterday. They confirmed that it was also working for them. None of us encountered the above error any more.

It's good that it's working.

But I'm uncomfortable of not being able to understand was why it worked after we left the upgraded system overnight. Is it because some background job needed to run first so that the Scholar Powerlink would work after an upgrade? Mystery.

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