Monday, May 1, 2006

Virtual World, Real Money - Her Second Life is Good!

The front page of the current issue (May 1, 2006) of Business Week caught my attention.

It talks about a Chinese entrepreneur is making real money out of the Second Life virtual world. The entire article can be found here:

This virtual reality thing is not just a game anymore. There are lands out for auctions, bidding price start at USD1000. There are all kinds of products selling inside the virtual world. There is even currency (Linden dollar to USD) fluctuation.

And you wonder... why would someone pay over a thousand dollar for some pixels on the computer screen?

The days of one way internet is gone. This or the next generation don't just logon and read something. They want to engage in doing something. The games, tools or web applications (however you want to call them) allow them to do so. They empower the people, engaging them, enabling them, allowing them to be creative, and to interact. Just like the wikipedians, the "players" are all very passionate in what they are doing. And the value of the application is the community.

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