Monday, December 7, 2009

Radar Chart Gadget verified by Google - Yeah!

Google now requires all custom gadgets to be verified by them in order they can be viewed by collaborators. Refer to the Gadgets: Verifying Custom Gadget Google docs help page for more information.

I had developed a Radar Chart Google Spreadsheet Gadget a while ago. And our department have been using it to visualize the assessment data. So I better submit it to Google for verification as soon as possible.

It took about 3 business days... and YES! As of noon today, Google had verified my radar chart gadget. I hope it will be listed in their gadget gallery soon.


roman said...

Hey, I'm looking for a radar for google docs. Checked google gallery and your gadget not listed there yet. Could you share it somehow?

Corinna Lo said...

hi, Roman

Thanks for your feedback.

I have submitted the gadget to Google, and they had only verified it. They had not added it to their gallery unfortunately. I would love to be able to contact them on this.

But hey, you can use the gadget now. Follow the instructions on my earlier post here:

I would appreciate if you can post back a URL to your webpage containing the radar chart. I would love to see how others are using it.

I'm glad you found this gadget, and I hope you will find it valuable.

- corinna

Anonymous said...

Hi, Corinna:

Great radar gadget. Any chance I could get it to work outside the Google environment?

Corinna Lo said...

hi, pmcdonnell

You can embed the chart into any web pages you want.

However, the data it pulled from has to reside in a google spreadsheet. The gadget used Google spreadsheet API to get the data in Google spreadsheet, and Gadget API to make it into a Google gadget to embed into iGoogle, etc. The charting itself (ie. plotting the radar chart) is javascript and html5. You are welcome to modify the source code to point to other data source instead of Google spreadsheet. Just follow the link in my earlier post
You can get the source code in the xml file, and go from there.

Please post your result here. I would love to see how the little gadget I made evolves into something better.

- corinna

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Corinna:

You mean I could point the radar chart gadget to data in a regular Excel spreadsheet or an Access or SQL data file? I did download your XML. Can you tell me which lines of code to change? I am not a developer but could possibly get someone to help. In the meantime I will keep messing around with it.

By the way, what I am trying to use it for is to present a project prioritization matrix to help executives of a children's charity prioritize projects. I have not found anything nearly as good as your gadget. But I don't think I can get these guys to use Google.

In any case, thanks for permission to play around with the code. If I get it to work I will be sure to let you know and send you a copy.

Patrick McDonnell