Thursday, March 26, 2009

APC UPS Monitoring using SNMP

I just finished configuring IPSentry to monitor our APC UPS (via SNMP).

Currently, IPSentry will send email alerts to us when the UPS batteries need replacing, etc. But if the main power is out and the battery run time remaining is under certain threshold, it will send us alerts to our cell phones instead. We also tested using it to call a script which automate the shutdown of our servers and it works. We may decide to implement it eventually, but I feel we need more observations to verify the reliability of the monitoring before doing so (since that script is so powerful and any false alarm can cause our entire shop to be shutdown).

Anyway, here are the OIDs we are now monitoring:

Date Type
The elapsed time since the UPS has switched to battery power.timeticks
n mins = n*6000 timeticks
. remaining battery capacity expressed in percent of full capacity.gauge
. current internal UPS temperature expressed in Celsius.gauge
The UPS battery run time remaining before battery exhaustion.
n mins = n*6000 timeticks
Indicates whether the UPS batteries need replacing.
noBatteryNeedsReplacing (1)
batteryNeedsReplacing (2)

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