Friday, December 7, 2007

eLearning User Penetration Rate

I just created a script to determine the penetration rate of eLearning online Learning Management System (powered by Blackboard Learning System CE6, formly known as WebCT CE6) by comparing the enrollment data, Active Directory groups, with the actual logon users of the current semester.

For 2007 Fall semester, we have the following numbers in our main Pullman campus:

Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students
Undergraduate + Graduate Students
Total LMS
% Total LMS
% Total LMS %
15441 12862 83.30 1981 749 37.81 17422 13611 78.13

1 comment:

Ezra said...

Do you have a naming consistency? Something like...

1xxx and 2xxx are core classes
3xxx and 4xxx are upper undergraduate
5xxx and 6xxx are graduate versions of upper undergraduate
7xxx and 8xxx master's
9xxx doctorate